Relocation Information
If you're considering relocating or asking someone else to relocate, you probably have a lot of questions. MRINetwork's long-term partner, FAS Relocation Network, A Global Mobility Solutions Company, gives you a comprehensive menu of relocation services. From calculating potential expenses to choosing the right community, these tools can help with any move, whether local or cross-country.

Salary Calculator - Find out how much you need to make in a new city to maintain your current lifestyle.

Moving Calculator - Use the moving calculator to help budget for your upcoming move.

Relocation Crime Lab - Use our Crime Lab to compare crime statistics in over 6,000 cities.

Relocation Wizard - Create a custom timeline to organize the many details of a relocation.

Mortgage Qualifier - Calculate the housing and real estate you qualify for at current mortgage rates.

Rent-Buy Calculator - Use this calculator to help determine the best solution -- own or rent.

Community Close-Up - Use the Community Close-Up tool to compare community statistics. This tool gives you the ability to assess community demographics, income, housing facts, and educational data.

Special Consideration for Relocation to the State of Hawaii
Due to the geographical isolation of the Hawaiian islands, Hawaii is the only State in the country that is rabies-free. To keep it that way, Hawaii has strict Quarantine requirements for people bringing pets into the state. You can find out exactly what requirements you need to fulfill to bring your pets if you're planning on relocating to Hawaii.

Hawaii Animal Quarantine Info

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